Hoorah! I am finally back in the beautiful California with my O1 work VISA. 

So what does this mean for you, westsiders and those of you all over the glorious United States of America? 

To you, it means an end to your copy woes, your social media mishaps, and editorial enemas. That’s what they feel like, don’t they? 

Hours of staring at a screen finding every last one of yours or your businesses spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes. Who gives a f*** about an Oxford comma, anyway?! I do, which is why you’re going to hire me. 

I am now taking on business and sole-trader clients across the WESTSIDE and other remote works in Greater Los Angeles. 

Join the likes of Gilardi Enterprises, for whom I complete all editorial works for the HIPPO LIFE NGO. We have a new project launching soon! 

Or how about independent film maker Hassan Galedary; I am now his original content analyst and script editor.  

Oh, and are you guys into pro wrestling? ‘Cause guess who just started working with Ernest Alfonso! 

My other clients are under NDA and if that is what you prefer then that is cool with me too. 

Whatever it is you need, if words are involved then I am just a phone call away. 

Call: 619-319-1256 


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