O1 Exceptional Ability Visa holder as a Writer and Researcher of Extraordinary Ability.

Kay Smythe specializes in to-order content on all subject matter. The content can be delivered on all platforms, and executed with quality and commercial value.

Smythe’s background lies in theoretical sociologies, and cultural geographies. She attended Plymouth University, where she earned her Bachelors degree in Geography. She graduated in three years with a thesis and honors, and uses her scientific knowledge in all of her works.

Unlike most writers, Smythe uses her understanding of micro and macro sociological theories to develop language that is honed to the particular audience demographic. As these theories are constantly updating, Smythe continues to ghost-write PhD dissertations on a freelance basis to ensure she is constantly in possession of the latest paradigms. These concepts have successfully been proven to have significant commercial value, and have allowed Smythe to maintain strong professional relationships will everyone she has worked with.

In the real world, Smythe is Welsh-born and proud. She is an animal lover, ex-model, and spends far too much of her time cycling around the west side of Los Angeles. Her favorite color is yellow, and she is easily won over with sugar-based gifts.

If you’d like to find her work, Google “Kay Smythe”

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