Kay Smythe is a leading sociological and cannabis specialist.

She is co-founder of knowledge capital company The Action Bank, a PhD consultant, and activist for the federal legalization of cannabis. 

Smythe graduated from Plymouth University’s Geography department as a Bachelor of Arts in Human Geographies in 2015.  During her time prior, during, and post-university, Smythe developed her own understanding of macro and micro-sociologies, and how varying demographics respond to wordplay across the world.

A bulk of this research came in the vein of cannabis legalization in the United Kingdom. However, it took Smythe less than a year to earn  a visa as Writer and Researcher of Extraordinary Ability for the United States, and she now resides in Los Angeles, California.

At the heart of Smythe’s work is the constant yearning for a simple, easy life, filled with love. This may sound more like a nice idea to most, but through the furthering of sociological and psychological paradigms, Smythe has defined this lifestyle for herself, her loved ones, and her clients at The Action Bank, under Founder Chris Berger.

Though she may joke about it, Smythe’s #1 professional goal is to see cannabis federally legalized before she dies. This goal has led Smythe to a number of op-eds in leading  global publications, billboard and advertising campaigns with MedMen, and long-term professional relationships with other specialists in the field.

Her personal goals are to keep living a simple, easy life, filled with love for her work, her clients, and those closest to her. If you’re interested in talking about more than just cannabis with Kay, and have been referred by a friend for other areas of expertise that are not advertised on this website, please use the contact form, or call her directly. 




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