International Cannabis & Social Scientist, cultural commentator, ex-journalist, Mental Health Thought Leader, aspiring nice person…

Kay Smythe is the first international cannabis and social scientist to be awarded a visa of Extraordinary Ability to work in the United States’ cannabis industry. A Welsh-native, Kay’s work on the geographies and sociologies of cannabis have been published by the Huffington Post, The Tab, Rooster Magazine, Cannabis Industry Journal; she has also been interviewed by the BBC. Kay is the youngest and the only sociological scientists focusing her work on federal cannabis reform, and ending the war on drugs.

Kay’s professional experience and wealth of academic qualifications has earned her a global reputation for combining scientific data with educational, pop culture-driven content creation. Most notably, Kay starred in the MedMen “Faces” and “Cannabis” campaigns. Now, she consults with cannabis investors, governmental agencies, emerging brands, publications, growers, celebrities, and anyone interested in cannabis.