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Kay Smythe

"I'm sick of listening to Republicans and Democrats base their policy on opinion, and not on factual evidence or the lived experience of their constituents. All of the most detrimental social and environmental threats against the human species come from this highly bipartisan ignorance, and the total misconception that opinion has any bearing over reality - climate change is real; cannabis legalization is an inherently good thing; and we could all do with learning a little more about each other's cultures and religions. I think that would make all of us a lot happier; and I think we could all do with being a lot nicer to each other." 


Swansea 2

Swansea: The worst hometown ever

If you like long walks on the beach, rainbows and learning about the world then Swansea is the place for you. Wait, let me rephrase that. If you like long walks on beach trying to avoid rusted...
Bobble 1

Bigoted homophobes attack third year for publishing a survey on gender identity

Vile trolls abused a third year after he published an online survey as part of his research project into non-binary gender identities.The Illustration student, known as Bobble, was told to “seek...
Plymouth campus

Two Plymouth students busted for supply of Class A

Two students have been arrested on suspicion of supplying Class As.The pair, aged 21 and 22, have now been released on bail pending further investigation.Arrests were made after raids on Clifton...


Medmen shop its legal truck

MedMen Campaign: You call it Cannabis, we call it Game Changer

The drug that PSA commercials told you to stay away from as a kid is continuing to be the next big thing in OOH advertising. In the emergence of legal marijuana across the United States, Out of...
Justin 6

Maxim CoverGirl

PLACED 21ST IN INTERNATIONAL GROUP THIRTY-FIVE On behalf of Maxim Cover Girl and Homes for Wounded Warriors, we would like to thank you for helping us support our injured...

'Benefits, heroin and alcoholism': The article about Swansea that has not gone down well

It doesn’t sound like the Swansea we know and love... but everyone’s entitled to their opinion. And one student has sparked anger in the seaside city (and probably beyond) after writing a scathing...



Overcoming Stigma in Cannabis [PART 2: Myths and Facts]

You can Google the title of this article and find the contents written into any number of different formats; many of these myths were actually corrected directly from websites I Googled, so I dread...
Img 6920

Overcoming Stigma in Cannabis [PART 1: What is Stigma]

The greatest misconception in human history is that one’s stigmas are anything more than just a shitty set of opinions. My name is Kay Smythe, and for the last five years I’ve worked in the fields...


Kay Smythe is a social scientist, specializing in human behavioral evaluation and prediction. Her body of work is dedicated to destigmatization, legalization, education, and normalization of macro-sociological trends. She works in every industry, on every continent, and has been described as every parents' least favorite positive influence. Current foci: cannabis, unconscious bias, 2020 General Election, common sense, community bridging.
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