Kay Smythe

Kay Smythe is a Social Scientist, Writer and Researcher.

Since graduating from Plymouth University in 2015, Kay Smythe has written and researched for more than 5,000 PhD candidates, a plethora of multinational corporations, and various other non-profit and public sector entities, spanning every topic within the intersection of technology and social sciences. She has also worked extensively in cannabis, eSports, music, entertainment, real estate, medicine, tobacco, finance, mental health, Pharma, and more. Her work has been featured by the BBC, Huffington Post, Guardian, The Tab, and many other international press outlets, as well as consulting for thought leaders, and their businesses and families.

Final delivery of work revolves around answering complex human behavior questions and queries with the latest in scientific discovery for the purpose of actionable data development and implementation. If you have a question, problem, or query to do with work, business, family, politics, a loved one, or society in general, join the relevant subscription tier to submit research requests. Your answers are far closer and significantly more affordable than you'd think... 

Turn data into action, starting today. 


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