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Saturday, March 16

Tab article joking about how bad Swansea is causes outrage

Bitter Swansea residents are furious following the publication of an article illustrating why the Welsh city is the worst home town.

The light-hearted argument piece highlighted the negatives of living in Swansea, based on the opinion of a Plymouth student who’s from there.

The article has caused outrage, with a follow-up appearing in the South Wales Evening Post.

The author, Kay Smythe, has been slated for the tongue-in-cheek piece, with one comment reading: “You are a complete disgrace to your home town, Swansea is one of the loveliest places to live.

“How dare you say we are all druggies and chavs, you sound like a gutter snob.”

Another read: “If – as someone has suggested – you’re actually from Swansea, you should be ashamed of yourself and if you’re not, you obviously either haven’t been to Swansea or have not seen the real Swansea.

“It’s not actually like Twin Town, that was just a movie – you know, made up.”

Other comments were far more personal, and one troll even linked to her Facebook so readers could send her personal abuse.

Kay Smythe told The Tab: “This article was an assignment and I honestly didn’t think people would care so much about my opinion. Clearly I’ve underestimated myself.

“I’ve written articles for the Guardian promoting Swansea since I was a young teenager which were read by a lot more people across the globe.

“This is a Swansea-centric problem and no one outside of the city, I’m sure, will take it so seriously.”

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