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Saturday, May 4

Overcoming Stigma in Cannabis [PART 2: Myths and Facts]

You can Google the title of this article and find the contents written into any number of different formats; many of these myths were actually corrected directly from websites I Googled, so I dread to think what else you've been exposed to on this thing we call the internet... 

Personally, I prefer a borderline academic approach to communicating information coherently: only what you need to know.

Part of my life’s mission is to comprehensively grow the common sense of our species, a virtue that all should be awarded, but few appreciate. In order to achieve this, I plan on only communicating correct information to my audience.

Should you be met by counterarguments to the list below, simply start walking away slowly from your assailant. They are not to be trusted. They probably haven't been vaccinated either, but that's okay because they'll fall off the side of the Earth too if they're not careful. 

If you’d like further information on any of the points made, please contact me directly. I really like communicating with my readers! 

  • Cannabis ISN’T a gateway drug 
    • The myth that cannabis is a gateway drug is arguably my favorite to debunk. For those true sociologist, psychologists, and addict academics, you can reference the rat park study to discern what the true gateway drug is in society;
    •  In the most simplistic sense, anyone who continues to even use the term "gateway" in reference to drug use should be written off as incapable of keeping up with scientific advancements in understanding human activity, and should be avoided at all costs

  • Cannabis ISN’T addictive 
    • It's not. Stop saying it is! 

  • “I can smoke cannabis and get straight As”
    • You can. I did. Two of my closer than close friends at Plymouth University smoked all day, every day, and achieved the two highest graduating grades in the institution's history

  • All Statistic on Cannabis Use Are Wrong 
    • As are all statistics on human activity in general

  • Cannabis DOESN’T kill brain cells 
    • Ask science 

  • Cannabis ISN’T more potent now 
    • It's a plant, guys. It's the same as it's almost always been. GMO Cannabis is likely to start sprouting up in stores any day now, but considering the fact most of you still drink milk from cows, I doubt you're concerned about the impact this will have on your body 

  • Quitting ISN’T easy
    • It's also pointless unless your cannabis consumption is having a vastly detrimental impact on your day-to-day functioning. I have considered cutting down on several occasions, but I don't really need to or want to, so I've saved myself the pain 
    • If you're considering quitting cannabis, please contact your local support networks - for example: here 

  • George Washington Grew Hemp
    • Not cannabis. Ignore MedMen, they're just being loud and stupid since their original marketing team mostly left...  

  • Executives at every major company have previously and currently smoke pot 
    • I have personally smoked pot with business leaders from a wealth of Fortune 500 Companies, media enterprises with global reputations, executives from Big Pharma, Big Tobacco, and even very well respected members of the NRA. They knew what the deal was when we smoked together: when I need them to tell you, the general public, that they are regular cannabis users, they will. Why? Because good, kind, intellectual people understand the importance of being remembered on the right side of history 
    • In addition to this, every major thought leader or public-facing individual who has failed to be on the right side of history will also be pointed out by me, but never shamed (just lightly mocked for not listening to me ten years ago) 

  • Doctors Use Cannabis 
    • A lot of them anyway 

  • Cannabis Has Been Used Throughout History to Help Treat Mental Health Disorders
    • I'm actually writing a book about it, so please do check back later on that 

  • Sativa and Indica Are Not Thing
    • THEY ARE NOT. If you claim to be allergic to one or the other, or are negatively impacted by one over the other, stop. You'll soon look and sound like a fucking idiot 

  • Cannabis Use Doesn't Lead to Violence
    • Violent people getting angry leads to violence 

  • You Don’t NEED Cannabis in Your Life 
    • You don't. Hemp and CBD are beneficial in any diet, and can easily be integrated, but you don't NEED them. You NEED fruits, vegetables, B12, water, and sunlight... 

  • Big Cannabis is About To Be a The Next BIG Industry 
    • Don't like it? Tough. That's the nature of capitalism... but we can always do better.   

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