Kay Smythe



Monday, June 24 As a scientist, and as a woman, I am constantly the most qualified person in the room, but shouted down because of other's unconscious biases. I wrote an article in 2011 about the use of cannabis to mitigate opioid addiction and the therapeutic nature of the plant. I was Editor in Chief of my college magazine at the time. Before I could sell more than a few copies, the utter tosser of a professor overseeing the magazine took all of the remaining copies to some bigger wanker in a suit and said "we can't distribute these, they're pro-drug" (his job was literally to read the 10 pages of the magazine cover-to-cover before we released it, and he couldn't even do that). Obviously I stormed into the bigger wanker's office to have a hefty debate with him, only to rapidly realize that he hadn't even read the article but was still opposed to it. I stole the remaining copies and distributed them outside of the front gates, a move I stole from Malcolm in the Middle. The lesson here? Don't ever tell me not to do something. If it's the right thing to do, it'll get done, even if I lie to you about being the one who did it. I've never done anything wrong.
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