Kay Smythe



Friday, June 28 I definitely get more depressed when I smoke cannabis in clinical and a majority of urban settings, and here's why: 1. As a species, we have destroyed the climate to the point where she's killing us back, and no one in a place of power seems to really care enough to make a major difference, so all members of the future generation are going to hurt because of our inaction today 2. People I love are still in prison for the plant between my fingers, the plant that launched my career, the plant that is the only reason I've bothered to keep going through the depression 3. Smoking cannabis expands my mind; I smoke it when I'm listening, and when I'm trying to be thoughtful. In the modern era, living in LA where normal emotions like love, kindness, and subsequent actions are essentially void, social climbers are more plentiful than actual people, and trying to date within the successful minority of LA men is like a who's-who of closets and sluts and abusive bastards, smoking pot is the only way to not cry yourself to sleep at night 4. I wanted to live in LA for a summer or two, marry my soulmate, pop out a few kids, and live off the money I once had, but now I'm sat here on a random Friday morning writing this scheduled post for you to read and share with your friends and family, and hopefully they'll come along to Lifted and learn about cannabis; perhaps they'll even make a few purchases, so I can get paid just enough so that my stoned depression is mitigated for another day... that would be really cool... However, when I smoke in a natural, beautiful, quiet environment, it's like God has entered my soul, and the only reason that He placed me on this planet was to educate all of you so you can mitigate the stuff that makes us depressed when we smoke in an urban environment. When I am standing in my backyard in Joshua Tree, the sun starting to set, blistering summer sun bearing down on my naked shoulders, smoking cannabis helps me reconnect with God, the Universe, and my purpose to keep going. Maybe this scientist should start running clinical trials out in the desert, and then we'll see who's really depressed, and who's realistic!
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