Kay Smythe



Saturday, June 29 I moved to the US from the UK because Brexit happened, the NHS was failing, and cannabis wasn't legal. The only job I could do in the UK was work for the MOD or another government agency, because it's the only job I would do for Blighty, and only out of a sense of duty. I couldn't do that job and use cannabis for medical purposes, and I've probably got enough mental health disorders of my own that the whole thing would have ended up like something out of Patroit, so I worked very hard and moved to the US instead. Sure, I'm not that into the Trump Administration, but I'm basically a libertarian while here, so that doesn't really matter. I can't vote either, so who cares about my political opinion? A President doesn't even get a full decade of power. Brexit is forever. Whether it was mac in the UK, or here in the US, the only two things I've ever cared about in life are being happy and feeling successful. Those two terms are relative to me, and me alone. The only things I have left to do to feel truly happy and successful are: (1) federally legalize cannabis, and (2) British legalization. Once I've done those two things - or even while I do them - I'd also like to have children. I'd probably feel happy and successful a lot faster if everyone who felt the same way as me about cannabis legalization started shouting about it too... that would be really cool.
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