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Tuesday, July 30

This tier is for Personal Consulting Partners, designed to guide the broader research output, while honing solutions to your own problems.

If you are a small business, entrepreneur, investor, thought leader, producer, or just about anyone in a position of authority in your life or family, hiring a human capital specialist, researcher, therapist, tutor, and unconscious bias/diversity and inclusion specialist can cost upwards of six figures a year, and you’ll have some knowitall parading around your office telling you how to run your business - or you could Apply to this tier.

This tier is for serious business or personal development purposes. You do not have to know what you'd like researched, but you have to be ready for an intensive engagement.
Contact me for a free audit, and to see whether the consultant tier is right for you.

NOTE: July 30th 2019 -

I currently have: 10 openings
for the rest of the year: 2019

Each Consultant Tier Client will Receive: 
  • Direct Communication and Influence over Direction of Research: engage with ongoing research at your discretion; cost-effective alternative to hiring an in-house researcher; access and influence content output to meet your needs
Whether you're a manager, leader, C-level executive, investor, board member, or just got a lil extra cash to treat yo' self to some non-traditional mental health consultation or academic tutoring, the consultant tier is specifically designed for long-term change and short-term outcomes. The consultant tier is designed for YOU to guide my research. You will dictate the topics I read about when I wake up in the morning, and even though a portion of my research does go toward my general content output, the purpose of the work is to help you solve for you. 

  • Access to All Content, plus: bonus content from partners
Thanks to years of non-traditional work contracts and being a nice fucking person, my network of professional associates, peers, and colleagues has expanded to some of the greatest minds in modern society. I bother the hell of out them on a daily basis to ensure that my research is the paradigm of thinking, but sometimes it's just easier for me to let them tell you what's up. 

  • Submit Specific Research Questions; Skype, Telephone call, or email to answer said questions
Prepare for me to enter your life. My work is not mediated by anything other than the general guidelines of domestic and international law, so I don't have to play by your rules in order to improve your life. 

  • Discounted advertising spots on all media 
In my other life, I'm an Executive. If we get along, of course I'll hook you up with any perks I possibly can. My lifestyle is highly guided by the motto "if it's free, it's me" so you're probably more likely to find value in the opportunities I get awarded than I ever will... 

  • Personalized Primer
Paperwork, for sure, but important paperwork. 

  • Access to my extended network of Professionals, Creatives, celebrity, and business & though leaders
Access varies by how much I like you 

  • First-right of Refusal on: interviews, advertorials, events, ticket sales, speaking engagements, in-house research, work/content direction, investment opportunities, spin and crisis management 
Again, technically perks 

Please send me a message via the contact form for more information. 


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