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What is included in your subscription?
  • Minimum 2 essays and 2 literature reviews per month + accompanying reference lists 
  • Analysis of latest in scientific research on plethora of studies 
  • Annual Research Primer
  • Option to submit research requests, discussion topics, and review requests 
  • Demographic-specific analysis
  •  Qualitative & Quantitative / Primary & Secondary Collection & Analysis 
  • Mailing List, including... 
    • Updates, Coupon Codes from Partners, Weekly Musings, Digital Downloads, Job listings, Bonus content!
  • Direct Communication and Influence over Direction of Research 
    • Calls, emails, and other forms of direct communication will be established during our first conversation; whatever process we choose will be used to help build your private Research Primer 
  • Annual Research Primer 
    • Unless we are engaging for a short-term contract or otherwise discussed, every Consultant Subscriber will be sent a private link to a Google Doc containing all of your requested research; you will guide me on how best to convey the data you have requested
    • Data contained in your Research Primer will be discussed over the course of our relationships; similarly to a business, academic, personal consultant, each relationship will develop differently 

  • Types of Content / Research Requests 
    • White papers & subject-specific primers 
    • Macro & micro socio-demographic research 
    • Collaborate with existing teams for project completion 
    • Strategy development for internal & external output 
    • Primary and Secondary Research (interviews, data collection, etc) 
    • Proofreading & editing existing content 
    • B2B & D2C strategy & optimization 
    • Blogging, SEO, PR, content-specific R&D
    • Proactive concern & crisis mitigation 
    • International communication, MNC & TNC experience

  • First-right of Refusal on:
    • Calls for Submissions: Interviews & Advertorials 
    • Events & Ticket sales
    • Speaking Engagements 
    • In-house Research Opportunities 
    • Primary Data Collection
    • Work / Content Direction  
    • Investment Opportunities from my personal and professional network 
    • Spin & Crisis Management Data 

Is my research private?
Yes. The consultancy tier is designed as an alternative to hiring a business, personal, or academic consultant. If you would like to publicize your research at any time, I am also here to help with that.

Are you proficient in all types of in-house softwares and tools?
Yes, but I am a very fast learner if not. I work is a largely distributed capacity, working with a range of software systems (and building them!). Cloud tech, and most of the tools necessary for scaling, restructuring, or right-sizing an operation or project.

How do I receive everything from my subscription?
We figure that out on our first call or email. 

If you have any more questions, please feel free to send them directly, and I'll respond as soon as possible.



Why is Social Science important?
Psychology, sociology, government policy, and the success and failure of any family or business is exclusively dependent on people. Whether you’re looking to build or fix a family or team, the same cognitive processes and behaviors are required to meet the challenge. The average academic institution fails to aptly educate people about ourselves and others around us. This gap in knowledge is gradually being filled by academic and researchers, but very little information is being turned into actionable data. The life purpose of social scientists like me is to take that complex information, analyse it, and pass it on to those who need to use it most.

How does “common sense” play into the content?
In order to mitigate as much political bias as possible, all of the content is developed from a bipartisan and common-sense perspective. For more information on how content is developed, please keep reading. 

How is the content developed?
When compiling essays and other content, four core themes are established: 
  • Community bridging 
  • Evolution of humanity 
  • Necessity 
  • Importance 

The subject matter of the piece is analysed by these guiding themes, and applied to their context. The following are short examples of how these themes are applied:

  • Thinking of buying property in the desert? Well, good for you, but make sure you get to know the locals first, because they’ll teach you how to live in harmony with your new environment. The necessity of buying a house in the desert is typically for vacation rentals, but it’s important to note that shifting climates and the wealth gap may make the desert a living nightmare inside of the next decade.
  • The confluence of eSports, music, and mental health is the largest business evolution in the last two years. Through bridging these communities, we can evolve our entertainment to meet the mental health needs of at-risk populations. With organizations like ULT leading the way in combining entire lifestyles under one roof, new friendships and business partnerships are being born on a daily basis, both directly and indirectly from their influence. If your day-to-day life leads you into any of these fields, start looking for pre-existing communities combining their interests in music, mental health, and eSports… or start one yourself! 
  • Tucker Carlson. Does he bridge communities? Not really. Does he evolve humanity? On the rare occasion, like when he’s denouncing the war in Afghanistan. Is he necessary? Yes, he’s a cultural icon to some people. Is he important? When his producers let him report like a human, he can be; when they don’t, he’s worse than everyone’s most racist family member, who no one will attend the funeral of.  

How does this content apply to Academia? 
Regardless of your discipline or education-level, your future revolves around people. The best advice I ever received during my schooling was “find something you love learning about, and dedicate as much of your time to that field as possible.” The problem? A lot of us choose subjects that either lead to dead-ends, traditional career paths, or exceedingly low starting salaries. 

The nature of the education system is wrong. Whether you are here to support your studies, evolve your knowledge base, or be exposed to new opportunities for your future career, you have either paid an institution for a degree, and your family have paid taxes toward your schooling, or both. You have already paid for the baseline knowledge to get you from A to B. What your school failed to teach was how to start your own career, balance your work and real life, or merge the two into one work-lifestyle, and be happy doing it. 

Unlike textbooks or traditional tutors, this website is not designed to help you pass your classes. It’s designed to help you live your life throughout education and into the real world. The information is academic and scientific, but communicated with the purpose of shedding light on emerging industries, fields of research that lack personnel, areas where sensible people will start exerting their academic research time, because it’s about to open-up as a big new industry. 

Where does the family stuff come in?
Human behavior doesn’t inherently change from one room to another. When we get up in the morning, and come home from work at night, we’re still intrinsically the same people. A majority of the behavioral, psychological, and sociological theories and practices discussed in the research can be applied to the family.

What is Featured Content?
Featured content are the pieces I release that are consumable for the general public, designed to be engaging, that take recent scientific updates, discoveries, or broader issues, and compiles them into easy-to-understand essays, podcasts, and video content.

When is Content Published?
Monthly, at my discretion and work schedule.


Every single penny you spend on your subscription can be applied to your professional, personal, and academic development. Each of these pennies ensures that I never have to work for a wanker boss again, and subsequently mitigates the overwhelming urge to take drastic action against myself (ie: your subscription stops me from being put into a social context that will reignite my desire to commit suicide), so here's some information on the pricing structure, and why it has been set as such.


Monthly cost of Subscriptions
Featured $10 
Consultant $1000 monthly, limited spaces available*** 

Price Comparison
Academic Tutor* $26,511 
Life Coach/Personal Consultant* $26,861
Business Consultant* $66,046
Management Consultant* $75,198
Business Development Manager* $68,372
Diversity Manager* $110,347
Marriage & Family Counselor* $39,683
Behavioral Health Professional* $35,157

Niche fields: 
Diversity Consultant* $107,902
Engineering Psychologist** $107314 - $179,160 
Industrial Organizational Psychologist** $107,805
Social Behavioral Scientist** $101,000 
Corporate Manager** $100,000 
Unconscious Bias Consultant [doesn’t really exist yet]

*averaged from US and UK demographics on July 8th 2019; resources used include: Glassdoor, Indeed, TotalJobs, PayScale

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