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Almost all human problems have been solved through scientific research. However, turning research into actionable data barely happens in one's private life or the business world. Most corporations, organizations, non-profits, celebrities with mental health problems, students, thought-leaders, start-ups, and governmental organizations pay upwards of a hundred thousand dollars a year in research and data analysis they can't implement... or they can hire me, because I deliver comprehensive, converted data, for you to use at your leisure for a fraction of the cost. 

What You Get
  • Analysis of latest in scientific research on plethora of studies, topics, and other really cool stuff that will make your life exponentially better 
  • Annual Research Primer
  • Option to submit research requests, discussion topics, and review requests 
  • Demographic-specific analysis
  •  Qualitative & Quantitative / Primary & Secondary Collection & Analysis 
  • Mailing List, including... 
    • Updates, Coupon Codes from Partners, Weekly Musings, Digital Downloads, Job listings, Bonus content!

Content Topics
  • Macro-sociopsychological trend analysis, designed for those of you who know I'll commit suicide if forced to work in a traditional office
  • trend forecasting
  • future of Social Science Research
  • sociology
  • psychology
  • leadership
  • mental health
  • climate change
  • international relations
  • human & physical geography
  • organizational psychology
  • unconscious bias
  • investment opportunities
  • futures
  • life coaching
  • crisis management
  • horrible bosses
  • general work and life shit that we all go through...   
  • news coverage & analysis and more... [request topics]

If you're looking to join research teams, gain access to exclusive opportunities to change the planet, your business, or yourself, come and check out my research. 

  • Direct Communication and Influence over Direction of Research: engage with ongoing research at your discretion; cost-effective alternative to hiring an in-house researcher; access and influence content output to meet your needs
  • Access to All Content, plus: bonus content from partners
  • Submit Specific Research Questions; Skype, Telephone call, or email to answer said questions; 
  • Discounted advertising spots on all media; 
  • Personalized Primer with all of your private research content and requests, updated continually throughout your subscription; 
  • Access to my extended network of Professionals, Creatives, celebrity, and business & though leaders
  • First-right of Refusal on: interviews, advertorials, events, ticket sales, speaking engagements, in-house research, work/content direction, investment opportunities, spin and crisis management 
  • Exclusive deals on MyTribe and partner platforms 

Featured Content

$10.00 per month

Designed for the casual readers, thought leaders who don't have much time for original thought, or anyone looking to expand their understanding of human behavior 


$750.00 per month

Typical consultants want to run your life or business. I want to help you solve your problems, and continue to evolve and flourish. Unlike the norm, I don't spend millions on advertising, as my purpose is not to take on clients. My purpose is to maintain clients. You don't need me full-time. You know what you're doing. You just need a little more data... 
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