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Experiencing Gower Reaches New Heights

[What’s On, Swansea 2016]

Kay Smythe, a girl that is terrified of heights, cures her fear by soaring over the Gower Peninsular with the wonderful Ashley Crocker of Gower Flight Centre.

When one lives at such a close proximity to the sprawling beauty of the Gower Peninsular, with beaches loved the world over at our fingertips, many of which are rated in the best and most picturesque on the planet, it is very easy to forget that not everyone in the British Isles has it as good at us.

A great way to remind yourself about how lucky you are to live in Gower, Swansea, or indeed anywhere in south west Wales, is to take to the air and see all of it for yourself.

Myths About Solar Panels: damage to nearby fields

Most solar farms reside on farmland. This may be common knowledge to those with an interest in green tech, but a lot of people are often surprised by the sheer scale of the solar farms that coat the disused and dismantled landscape across America. They can be as small as five acres, with others reaching almost ten square miles of solar panels. America is just one of the world’s major economies that is investing in solar energy along with the likes of China, India, Germany, and Japan, and therefore it is important that you know everything there is to know about our new tech!

Just one great example of green tech engineering in the United States is North Carolina, a state that plays host to solar farms from the Blue Ridge mountains, all the way down to the sandy coast. As a case study, North Carolina is important as landowners in the state are moving from farming to solar as a more reliable source of income. Some, however, are not as confident in America’s solar revolution as they could be. However, there is no more reason to panic. We’re here to give you the inside knowledge on what solar farms are really like!


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Hi, my name is Annie James, researcher and full-time fan of the new slimming and detox teas we have available here at SlimmingLeaf.

Like many of you, when I turned twenty-five I was thrown into the rat race. My job was non-stop and left me with very little ‘me’ time. Every night I would come home, cook the easiest (most unhealthy) thing I could could and then fall into a night of restless sleep. That all changed when I become lead researcher at SlimmingLeaf.

With a scientific background in geographic studies, I always wanted to live a healthier lifestyle. Of course, this would be easier if I had more energy and better sleep. That is why I helped to invent our new line of slimming/detox teas. Here is what you need to know…


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