Kay Smythe


Currently seeking freelance or permanent employment in the area of non-fiction writing.


Awarded the O1 Exceptional Talent Visa as a Writer and Researcher of Extraordinary Ability – Eligible to work for any employer on a long term basis.

I am a Welsh-born writer with an extensive background in sociological and geographical sciences that have allowed me to develop my own unique marketing, advertising, and content-driven work with significant commercial value.


Plymouth University, England, UK — BA Geography, 2.1 (4.0 GPA equiv.)

Coursework: GIS (FIRST); Developing World (FIRST); City & Town Planning (2.1); Climate Change (FIRST); Environmental Politics (2.1); Geohazards (FIRST). International field courses.


  • SEO – Familiar with all current standards
  • Advanced Copywriting (marketing, advertizing, travel, and other)
  • Multiple host platforms (including, but not limited to: WordPress, Wix, HuffPo, blogspot)
  • PhD level research capabilities
  • Social media marketing
  • Demographic-specific linguistic content development
  • Superior organizational skills
  • Ability to liaise across multiple subdivisions
  • Public speaking abilities
  • Extensive international News journalism experience
  • PR
  • APA Style
  • Google Analytics
  • 100% professional and academic deadlines kept since first employment
  • AGILE Project Management training
  • 109 words/min touch-typing

Professional EXPERIENCE

Production Manager, Variety Magazine, Los Angeles — 2017 to Present

As my work with PLJ Income is predominantly remote, I decided to conduct business with Variety’s new digital featured content team after being asked a favor from a friend. This position has taught me a huge amount about time management, managing large groups of freelancers, and how to move between the professional office environment, and more colloquial set-based approaches to employment. Other than the more practical skills associated with production management, this position has also expanded my understanding of creative marketing campaigns.

Director of Content & Research, PLJ Income, Los Angeles — 2017 to Present

I began at PLJ as a consultant, and was then offered the role of Director within a week of joining. My day-to-day tasks included writing, fact-checking, and editing all written content for the firm, producing the weekly podcast, developing all marketing materials, liaising with graphics, PR, and various other departments.

Analyst, Precision Consulting LLC, remote — 2016 to Present

I began completing doctoral dissertations in a ghost-writer capacity after moving to Los Angeles in June 2016. My background in sociological, geographical, and psychological sciences has allowed me to thrive in this position.

Content Specialist, Directade; Venice CA — 2016 to Present

Though most of my work with Directade is currently under NDA, the content ranges from landing pages, copy content for PR purposes, social media outreach, and client relations. My specialization in social capital linguistics allows me to work with our clients in order to develop their brand voice.

Columnist, The Underemployed Life; USA — 2016 to Pres

I was initially hired by the owner and managing editor of The Underemployed Life to cover the sociodemographic trends of the American work environment, but was rapidly ushered up to be their first solo columnist for my opinion and scientific-based writing on employment.

CDSM Interactive Solutions, Wales UK — 2016 (three month consultant)

I was hired by the owners of CDSM to run through their content and complete consultancy work on their behalf. During my time at CDSM I learned a great deal about project management, while developing my communication skills in a busy international office environment. My two largest clients at CDSM were Honda and Mitsubishi.

Blogger, Huffington Post; UK — 2014-Pres

I decided to use my position at the Huffington Post to move into entertainment writing. This was different to my norm, and I thoroughly enjoyed changing my structure to suit my new audience.

Managing Director, GreenGen Co.; UK — 2013 – 2015 (Sold company)

I started GreenGen with my business partner from university. Together, we ran Make A Difference events, charitable music-based nights in Plymouth, Devon. In total, GreenGen raised the equivalent of $10,000 in seven months for charities in Ghana, Croatia, and Bosnia. I sold the company to my business partner in 2015, and he continues to run the events throughout the United Kingdom.

Editorial, The Tab; International — 2013-2015

I was initially headhunted to work for The Tab during the summer of 2013. After a year managing the opinion team, and navigating the legal woes of tabloid journalism, I moved into the News Editor position. During 2014 my work at The Tab earned me a blogger position at the Huffington Post, for which I was also headhunted. Multiple other (15+) international publications have also hired me since first commencing my extensive work in journalism.

Dispensing Optician, Optic Shop; Wales UK — 2008-2013

Originally taken as a means of annoying my parents, my five-year part time position as a dispensing optician became one of the most important career moves of my life. The role introduced me to the intricacies of sales, branding management, working as part of a team. The Optic Shop allowed me to develop the skills I brought into my work at Smart Customer Renewables, Phase Eight, and Gilardi Enterprises.