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Kay Smythe is a thought leader in the use of social sciences, environmental research, and human capital for advancing humankind.

Hi everyone, I’m Kay Smythe, and I used to be an academic/PhD, business, and cannabis consultant,  but now I run my own consultancy firm, and am writing a series of books.

I’ve written more than a few thousand PhD dissertations in psychology and sociology, as well as my own degree, and now I apply everything I have learned to my clients for personal development, entertainment and media, business research and improvements, treating mental health disorders, and saving the world through science.

Sounds complicated, doesn’t it? Well, for most people it is. That’s why they hire me!

If you have a personal or professional goal you’re struggling to achieve, drop me a line to see if I can help.

What is Social Science?!

“Social science is the study of human society and social relationships.”

Social sciences dictate almost everything that happens in modern society, but so few people know how to use them to their advantage.




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If you already know the scope of your project, please contact me with the following:

  • Subject Matter
  • Purpose of your project
  • 1 pager (overview)
  • Budget


Though I was never a huge fan of public speaking, I now host seminars, classes, attend speaking engagements at public events, and provide subject-specific educational talks around the world on a plethora of subjects related to personal, family, and business consulting.

I focus on paradigms in my work, but am open to accepting a speaking engagement on almost any subject matter… contact me with the following information if you’re interested in having me talk:

  • Subject Matter
  • Location of Engagement
  • Purpose of Talk
  • Any relevant links to your organization, company, or family

Personal Coaching

The Kay Smythe approach to personal coaching is not for everyone. I have created my methodology to ensure that YOU are given the tools you need to overcome any personal issue without creating a dependency upon me.

Modern therapies have been developed to ensure that you remain with your therapist for life. With my method, you’ll only need to see me once or twice a year.

To see if you qualify for personal coaching, contact me with your name, phone number, and availability for a call.

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Work With Kay


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